Petra Visitors Center Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project
01- November- 2010
The Company was awarded Petra Visitors Center Rehabilitation and Upgrading works. This is a key project for the Petra Development & Tourism Region
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Handing over Madaba Historic City Project
08- May- 2011
Kahtan Hadadin Ltd. handed over Madaba Historic City project at a cost of USD 9.2 million.
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Civil Work of New LPG Storage Facilities at Zarka Refinery Project
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Residential Projects
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About Us:
Saif Construction and Contracting Company was established in 1995 by Eng. Kahtan Haddadin to become a leading company in construction and contracting. During its 16 years of several accomplishments, the Company has accelerated in growth so that the total volume of its delivered projects now worths around USD 36 million.
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Street Rehabilitation and Furnishing, Landscaping – Madaba Historic City,

Cost: USD 9.2 Million
Client: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Consultant:J.V. Technital & Dar Al Omran

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Shiekh Hussein Border Center

Cost: USD 8 Million
Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Consultant:Dar Al Omran (Roads & infrastructures) Consolidated Consultants (Buildings)

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