Petra Visitors Center Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project
01- November- 2010
The Company was awarded Petra Visitors Center Rehabilitation and Upgrading works. This is a key project for the Petra Development & Tourism Region
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Handing over Madaba Historic City Project
08- May- 2011
Kahtan Hadadin Ltd. handed over Madaba Historic City project at a cost of USD 9.2 million.
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Recent Project
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Civil Work of New LPG Storage Facilities at Zarka Refinery Project
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Residential Projects
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Ministry of Education
The Ministry of Education is the Government’s lead advisor on the education system, shaping direction for education agencies and providers and contributing to the Government’s goals for education at the national level.
Ministry Tourism and Antiques
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was established to enhance the role of tourism in the national economy and ensure sustainable growth as a means for social and economic development with a direct impact on local communities.
Jordan Oil Refinery
Established in 1952, JPRC was and still is the sole provider of all petroleum products for the local market. Its establishment instigated the development of many related fields mainly electricity, transport, construction and industrial sectors, and resulted in ceasing the complete dependence on importing costly petroleum products, which positively contributed to the National Economy, through enhancing foreign currency reserves, providing job opportunities to thousands of Jordanians and opening the door to new industries.
The Armed Forces
The Jordanian Armed Forces represents the biggest institution in Jordan. It proudly stands as Jordan's armor against any vicious assault. The Armed Forces represents an inexhaustible resource of well being and sustainable development for the Jordanian community.
Ministry or Public Works & Housing
The MPWH was founded for the first time in conjunction with establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan, specifically a while before the year 1923.
It was called at that time Da'erat AL- Nafe'ah the (Beneficial Department). It seems that this name was derived from the functions of this directorate, as it is actually beneficial through the positive and useful works it has provided.
The American Embassy
The American Embassy represents the U.S. Mission to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Its team works to protect and promote U.S. interests in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through diplomatic relations with the Jordanian government, commercial contacts with the business community, and public diplomacy engaging Jordanians to share common values and build mutual understanding.
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources was established in 1984 in order to administer and organize the energy sector in a way that helps achieve the national objectives.
The Ministry of Commerce & Industry
The Ministry of Commerce & Industry takes on the responsibilities of regulating the industry by type, classifying it, registering it according to an internal regulation, and preparing the programs and studies that work on developing the industry and increasing its competitiveness.
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